Deanna Roberts

Artist Statement

I have always been one to experiment with various designs, methods, techniques, skills and decoration and have been inspired by many potters who have come before me.

Starting with a short course for 8 weeks in 1991, I later graduated in 2000 with a Diploma of Fine Arts (Ceramics) and Bachelor of Education and Training.

I have always been attracted to Asian design and contemporary art and this is evident in my own craft work, my clothing, my home furnishings and most importantly in my ceramic artwork. The sharp edges, concise forms, ‘disciplined’ appearance of such design I find extremely attractive and am drawn to creating sharp and bold statements when producing work, whether thrown on the wheel or handbuilt.  Adding embellishments, carving and decorating work, coupled with dark, bold glazes or bright white glazes on porcelain and stoneware clays is my preferred method of finishing work.

I am also a member of the Australian Ceramics Association and Treefern Potters in Ferntree Gully and when I’m not handling IT I’m literally immersed elbow-deep in clay or teaching – passions that have been alive and kicking for about 25 years.

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