Our mission:

The Treefern Potters aim to inspire and develop the skills and techniques of local potters who have a common addiction to clay.


From a wide range of backgrounds and cultures, covering a broad range of styles and subjects, the Treefern Potters produce highly individual tableware, homewares and sculptures for both home and garden.

Their work ranges from tiny native animals to large tribal sculptures; from delicate porcelain vessels to chunky stoneware urns; from simple sushi plates to elaborate tea pots and from intricate jewellery pieces to recycled ceramic wall art.

The Treefern Potters work is available at the Treefern Potters Annual Exhibition, in galleries or by contacting the individual artist.

Whether 2 or 102 years old, whether you like traditional bowls and platters or an out of the ordinary sculpture there is something for everyone amongst our vast range of quality pottery.

Our Committee:

President/Secretary:  Deb Staun
Vice President/Assistant Secretary:  Liddy Wright
Treasurer:  Anne Watling
Assistant Treasurer: Greg Yeaman
Assets Manager/Newsletter:  Meredith Merrall
Publicity & IT:  Deanna Roberts
Executive Committee: Steve Burton

General Committee:
Elizabeth Feketes
Yvonne Jonas
Helen McCaffrey


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